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Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: Panic Selling Partner Program & TVL Gain

🔺Avalanche Weekly Overview🔺

Experiencing bad news, but Avalanche ecosystem has not experienced a sharp decrease in price as well as TVL this week.

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1/ Last week, under the impact of bad news from 3AC, there was panic selling.

But all that quickly passed because the projects on Avalanche corrected that their Treasury Fund was not related to 3AC.

Detail will be updated in another thread, stay tuned.

2/ Price Gainers

🥇@StepApp_ FITFI

Latest Updates: - Featuring with @MensFitnessMag - Lootbox round 3 is completed - Lootbox round 4 has been drawn

Checkout "@StepApp_ 's Milestone" video made by @AVAXDaily 👇

AVAX Daily 🔺 on TwitterAVAX Daily 🔺 on Twitter

@StepApp_ @MensFitnessMag 🥈 @WOOnetwork

Latest Updates: - New products: WOO DEX - WOO Network is in the @CoinMarketCap Gravity spotlight

- WOO is listed on @cryptocom

- WOO X supports more language - LUNR is now listed on @WOOnetwork

- WOO integrates with @LayerZero_Labs's Stargate

@StepApp_ @MensFitnessMag @WOOnetwork @CoinMarketCap @cryptocom @LayerZero_Labs 🥉 @synthetix_io

Latest Updates: - @MessariCrypto published a report about Synthetix - Atomic Swaps on @1inch and @CurveFinance (Average 100m in daily volume) - @optimismPBC Futures, Options @kwenta_io @lyrafinance @PolynomialFi

Synthetix ⚔️ (✨🔴_🔴✨) on TwitterSynthetix ⚔️ (✨🔴_🔴✨) on Twitter

@StepApp_ @MensFitnessMag @WOOnetwork @CoinMarketCap @cryptocom @LayerZero_Labs @synthetix_io @MessariCrypto @1inch @CurveFinance @optimismPBC @kwenta_io @lyrafinance @PolynomialFi 🏅 @AttentionToken

Latest Updates: - BAT introduce the Brave Wallet Partner program & the first 6 partners:@ape_swap,">@ape_swap @ArkenFinance,">@ArkenFinance @boggedfinance, @BreederDodo,">@BreederDodo @OpenOceanGlobal & @skiffprivacy - @o1_labs Announces the SnarkyJS Launch Partner Program

O(1) Labs on TwitterO(1) Labs on Twitter

@StepApp_ @MensFitnessMag @WOOnetwork @CoinMarketCap @cryptocom @LayerZero_Labs @synthetix_io @MessariCrypto @1inch @CurveFinance @optimismPBC @kwenta_io @lyrafinance @PolynomialFi @AttentionToken @ape_swap @ArkenFinance @boggedfinance @BreederDodo @OpenOceanGlobal @skiffprivacy @o1_labs 3/ TVL Gainers

This week's highlight in terms of TVL growth we have 4 multichain projects and no native project. Why these protocols attractive that huge TVL? Detail 👇

@StepApp_ @MensFitnessMag @WOOnetwork @CoinMarketCap @cryptocom @LayerZero_Labs @synthetix_io @MessariCrypto @1inch @CurveFinance @optimismPBC @kwenta_io @lyrafinance @PolynomialFi @AttentionToken @ape_swap @ArkenFinance @boggedfinance @BreederDodo @OpenOceanGlobal @skiffprivacy @o1_labs 🥇 @MinimaxFinance

Minimax is a Multi-chain yield aggregators hub with blazing-fast UI

- New features - Earning News: Upto 1,3K% on Avalanche LP Pools - Farm Competition

@StepApp_ @MensFitnessMag @WOOnetwork @CoinMarketCap @cryptocom @LayerZero_Labs @synthetix_io @MessariCrypto @1inch @CurveFinance @optimismPBC @kwenta_io @lyrafinance @PolynomialFi @AttentionToken @ape_swap @ArkenFinance @boggedfinance @BreederDodo @OpenOceanGlobal @skiffprivacy @o1_labs @MinimaxFinance 🥈 @TheBoringDAO

Latest Updates: - BORING is now listed on Bancor 3! LP - Listed on Ape Bridge @ape_board

- BoringDAO announced oPortal V3

BoringDAO 🦇🔊 on TwitterBoringDAO 🦇🔊 on Twitter

@StepApp_ @MensFitnessMag @WOOnetwork @CoinMarketCap @cryptocom @LayerZero_Labs @synthetix_io @MessariCrypto @1inch @CurveFinance @optimismPBC @kwenta_io @lyrafinance @PolynomialFi @AttentionToken @ape_swap @ArkenFinance @boggedfinance @BreederDodo @OpenOceanGlobal @skiffprivacy @o1_labs @MinimaxFinance @TheBoringDAO @ape_board 🥉 @ConnextNetwork

- @Superfluid_HQ Integrates Connext - Rahul Sethuram talked at Wholesome Crypto - The Arbitrum Odyssey is there - Connext is Sponsoring ETHNewYork 2022 Hackathon - Amarok Testnet - The Contributor Program

@StepApp_ @MensFitnessMag @WOOnetwork @CoinMarketCap @cryptocom @LayerZero_Labs @synthetix_io @MessariCrypto @1inch @CurveFinance @optimismPBC @kwenta_io @lyrafinance @PolynomialFi @AttentionToken @ape_swap @ArkenFinance @boggedfinance @BreederDodo @OpenOceanGlobal @skiffprivacy @o1_labs @MinimaxFinance @TheBoringDAO @ape_board @ConnextNetwork @Superfluid_HQ Price gainers FITFI @StepApp_ WOO @WOOnetwork SNX @synthetix_io BAT @AttentionToken

TVL gainers @MinimaxFinance BORING @TheBoringDAO @ConnextNetwork OLIVE @OliveCashBsc

NFTs Avg Price Gainers @AvaxLions @HeroesChained @PirateNodes @OfficialDYSC

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