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Platypus’s Connections to Altcoins Pump For informational purposes

🔺How Platypus Finance Works🔺

💪@Platypusdefi is 1 protocols for stablecoins holders on Avalanche

Users can swap/farm/LP farm/boost rewards/... via Platypus

How to use @Platypusdefi ? Dive in 🧵👇


@Platypusdefi 1/ What is Platypus?

Platypus is a stableswap, stablecoins AMM on Avalanche

◽ Open liquidity single-sided AMM managing risk autonomously based on the coverage ratio

◽ Allowing maximal capital efficiency

@Platypusdefi 2/ Why Platypus?

⭐ Key concept

◽ Asset liability management (ALM)

◽ The first of its kind to use a single-variant slippage function instead of invariant curves.

⭐ Platypus's Unique Points

◽ Low Slippage ◽ High Scalability ◽ Best User Experience

@Platypusdefi 3/ How it works?

3.1/ Stablecoins Swap

- In “Swap” Mode, choose the token pair then click "Approve" - Check the details and click the “Swap” button then click "Confirm Swap" - “View on FUJI C-Chain explorer” to check your transaction details.

@Platypusdefi Important Notes:

- AVAX is required for gas fees - 0.01% transaction fee is collected for liquidity providing - Deposit/withdrawal fees are charged depend on pool’s coverage ratio - Importing tokens' contract addresses is currently not supported

@Platypusdefi 3.2/ Provide Liquidity

There are 3 pools launched on @Platypusdefi,">@Platypusdefi Each Pool carries its own unique risks, and as a way to bring users more choices and opportunities while managing risks, categorization was put in place.

@Platypusdefi ◽ Main Pool — established and time-tested stablecoins Tokens: UST.e, USDC.e, DAI.e, USDC, USDT

◽ Alternative Pool — newer and relatively risky stablecoins Tokens: SAVAX, YUSD, FRAX, MIM, BTC

◽ Factory Pool — maximum risk stablecoins Tokens: H2O, MONEY, TSD

@Platypusdefi 4/ Important Notes

Stablecoins on Platypus will be grouped into different pools depending on their depegging risks so that the main pool would remain healthy should smaller stablecoins take a wild swing.

@Platypusdefi Since The Factory Pool is created for the most adventurous risk level, be ware:

- Boosting option is not available - Interest will only be earned from the base pool - Stablecoins will be paired with USDC - No price oracle in the Factory Pool - Extra rewards

- Emission update

@Platypusdefi - No price oracle

-> Trades will not stop in the event of a depeg, and the USDC in this pool is at risk of draining out. LPs should be aware of the risks when depositing in this pool.

@Platypusdefi - Stablecoins in the pool are new and risky

-> High rewards + High risk

- Boosting option not available -> Maybe not that "high" rewards

@Platypusdefi 5/ Boost Yield

- PTP are rewarded when you stake/farm/provide LP - Stake PTP on Platypus to Boost Yield - When you stake PTP you also receive vePTP -> Boost more Yield

More usecase for PTP

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@Platypusdefi Thread is for informational purposes only, not investment advice.

Do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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