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How does the Short-Term Rally Point to the Upside?

Just to play a little devils advocate,

Something to BEAR in mind (ha ha) when looking at the recent AVAX pump…


Every bear market has periods of rallying before continuing the down-trend.

Here’s an example from 2007-2009 from

to illustrate short term rallies in an overall downtrend

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The overall market sentiment is still bearish, consider looking at a weekly chart to put this small green zone into perspective of the larger macro-environment.

7d vs 30d view of BTC…


You can see how looking at the short term can make you feel like we’re going all the way back up! Zoom out and reconsider…


Always be aware of your Twitter echo-chamber and don’t be led into buying with incredibly high risk because your favourite red-triangle-wearing tweeter is bullish.

NFA, DYOR and all the regular disclaimers to stop us going to prison


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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