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Breaking News – RaceX Devs Reveal NFT and NFT Use NFT

1/ Development update! 🏎️

The RaceX dev team is ready to share some updates! They have been hard at work pushing to get a solid demo out that has multiplayer connectivity and NFT use! Details in🧵 Avax Avalanche Eth BTC crypto racing gamefi LooksFun FastAndSafu

2/ Developments include:

✅Network connections to a list of lobbies which allows you to connect to friends or other users

✅Select other users from your same class of car ✅Web 3 integration, use your NFT to play a car in the same class


✅7 tracks are currently playable including day, night and sunset tracks! ✅Improved textures ✅improved some in-game SFX

Future version will be your exact car, then final version will support modifications of your car!

4/ So, what's next racers?

The team plans to release a solid open demo that anyone can play! This demo will have a lot more features than the previous version and will have NFT connections! Free players will get a slower version car but can still try the game!

5/ You will be able to connect with people and play multiplayer!

Want to see it in action? We're preparing a streaming session and will have multiple people playing together in the stream. Keep your 👀 open on info for that!

6/ Note that development is focused on making a quality game! The game has to be fun we know you will all ❤️ it when it's ready!! 💯

Please direct all feedback/suggestions to our official discord and we will respond as soon as we can!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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