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BWS Labs to Bring Hedge Funds to Retail Investors

The total value that hedge funds manage worldwide reached 4.53 trillion USD in 2021

@BondiWealthSec plans on bringing the tools that have made the hedge fund industry trillions to everyday @avalancheavax AVAX retail investors

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🎈BWS Labs Overview🎈

Crypto gave anyone with a cellphone the ability to participate in investment strategies that were only available for experienced TradFi investors

BWS Labs is bringing advanced quantitative hedge fund strategies to retail investor via an interactive game

🎈The Problems🎈

"You can't grow a portfolio if you keep losing your principal" - Hedge Funds

There are several problems BWS aims to solve:

- Risk adjusted portfolios being uncommon in DeFi

- Hedge Fund investment products being hard to understand

🎈The Solution🎈

BWS fully doxxed investment team keeps all the complicated investment strategies in the backend while allowing you to to just simply play a game on the front end

BWS' resort game interface will allow players to interact with DeFi projects like:

- @HubbleExchange

- @BenqiFinance

- @AaveAave

- many more...

For the chance to ask the team some questions set a reminder for the upcoming AVAX Ecosystem Space on 9/26 at 2p CST:

Check out BWS Labs blog here:

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