ManiaxNFT (🪓, 🪓) 🔺
ManiaxNFT (🪓, 🪓) 🔺 1 minutes reading from Avalanche

PSA: We’re ready to go maniacs!

We're happy to announce our nft-staking system on the @NetworkJanus for maniac-holders! 🪓

BIG-STEP for us! Working for the benefits of the our community💛

To celebrate that we want to share 2 AVAX 🎉

To join; ♻️Follow @NetworkJanus @maniaxnft

❤️‍🔥RT and Like


Before the mint operation is accomplished yet; We want to obtain some good opputinities for ManiaxNFT hodlers.😌

By using the Maniac-Stake in different time periods, you will be able to gain passive income from the POOL that we have created.🫂 🧵

We will carry out the our plans, STEP-BY-STEP, to a system where people with maniacs in their wallets can become seed-investors. 🌱

Avalanche subnet to be used here will be the JNS token developed by @NetworkJanus. 🧵

Before sharing the maniacs on the blockchain yet, our plans are READY! 🫡

We will be happy to share all the details of the NFT-Stake system with you soon. ❤️ BeingManiac 🪓

And special thanks to our great artist @zeos2305_ ❤️‍🔥

Walking with you is amazing! 🙌🏻

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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