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Weasel Stomper Hugo🔺🐉 2 minutes reading from Avalanche

Time to Challenge Me in the #ImperiumEmpires Galaxy on Twitter

Time to show the war between me and @TodDejavu Guild in @ImperiumEmpires PvP recorded matches!

Sadly, i forgot to record in the beginning where i was kicking their asses, but i got some where they kicked mine right after i made them mad😂👌


Avalanche AVAX

Some friendly fire helped me in the first video, tried to run away with the chests but he got me in the end 🥲

In that second video thats me a lil too confident after taking out the guy with 2 aurostar in a previous game 🤣 he found me and finished me at the end of that game 😂

That 3rd video was me seeking for revenge after they had me 2 times in a row, i started the war with 2 kills so it couldnt end up even.

Did not went like i planned but at least i survived at the end of that one after a long fight with my favorite enemy: the 3 tripod-x guy 😎👌

To finish that thread on a good note, this was @CorsicaToken 😂 trying to get revenge after i destroyed him the previous game. He almost got what he wanted but it wasn't his best day i guess, no offense 😆

We all had a great fun, i loved to take on all @TodDejavu clan at once😎

I hope my @WeaselStompers clan will come give me a hand next time against those @TodDejavu 👽

Was honored to represent @AvalaunchApp as the only one with their Tripod-X skin today 😎

So what ya waitin for to come challenge me in the ImperiumEmpires Galaxy on Avalanche AVAX

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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