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Avalanche Hackathon: Summer 2022


1) July

Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022 is an AngelHack hackathon focused on building on Avalanche.

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Collaborating with partners across the Avalanche ecosystems, this hackathon aims to ensure that hackers have a wide variety of technologies to use to build their projects.

2) August

@OpenBlox_io an EVM-based NFT gaming platform, will be bringing its existing and upcoming titles to Avalanche.

The integration gives Avalanche a unique game family with extensive NFT capabilities and forthcoming game-to-game crossover elements.

3) September

Artist Spotlight: @taptapkabooms Vast NFT Doodleverse helps create a new NFT on Avalanche for the speed, low fees, and easy experience.

This also fosters the connection with the tight-knit Avalanche NFT community.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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