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Decentralizeddoms AMA – Episode 2

1/ Another DeFikingdoms AMA - here's the write up and the quick and dirty highlights:

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Highlights 👇

DeFi">@Samichpunchdefikingdomsteamamaprojectupdatesnovember23202230463bd93bfaDeFi Kingdoms Team AMA (Project Updates—November 23, 2022)

2/ Gen0 Raffle for cJewel happening in 20 minutes on the DFK Youtube Channel:

DeFi">@DeFiKingdomsDeFi Kingdoms

3/ You can monitor the roadmap steps leading to Klaytn launch re-announcement on this spreadsheet: Once everything is green on the phase I, they will announce a date, which should be within a week or so of that announcement.

Serendale 2.0 Launch Checklist - Live

4/Hubert casually learned solidity over the past week

Quest refactoring has been a great success (and was needed to meet the 1 second block finality requirements on Klaytn. Shout out Magnus and all the other devs working on that as well.

5/ Quest fund - there are power token quest funds and jewel quest funds. There is 1.6M J left from the Harmony quest fund. 1M of that will go to Serendale, and 600K will go to CV (previously 1M was already sent to CV). This is separate from the Crystal/Jade power token funds

6/ They'll be listing partners and close collaborators on the website soon, in a gamified fashion.

Also should be expecting a new org chart or similar presentation laying out the team and various committes.

7/ 500M wrapped jewel were minted on DFK Chain, and used to feed the synapse bridge etc as people bridged over from Harmony. Now that 375M Jewel will be burned based on the vote and the splittening, 375M of these wrapped Jewel need to be burned. Will happen with splittening.

8/Mining and Gardening quests after Klaytn launch will no longer be able to cancel early and get rewards, instead you'll specify the stamina you want to spend. If you cancel early, you lose stamina and get no rewards. Much more efficient code this way and will be like fish/forage

9/ BIG hero change, Heroes will now have faster stamina recovery rate for every level that they gain. It isn't huge, but will become more and more meaningful at higher and higher levels.

10/ Reminder not to buy fake Jade Tokens, it won't be the real one until DFK announces it.

11/ Happy thanksgiving to all of those celebrating it tomorrow.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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