Mobilizing Good 🔺️🎨🎶 NFT Collections
Mobilizing Good 🔺️🎨🎶 NFT Collections 1 minutes reading from Avalanche

Good NFTs! Win The “Good Life”

🎁Thanksgivaway🎁 Win 2x GOOD NFTs 2x The Good Life NFTs 3x Odd Circles NFTs 3x Smile NFT


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⏰72 hrs

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🧵links below

Good NFTs: a variety of episodes encompassing Pets, Sports, Music, and more 🌎🎨🎶🐶🏈

The Good Life: our first collection featuring a variety of talented artists and representing equity in the Good we mobilize

Smile: a collection of NFTs that hope to spread good vibes🙂

Odd Circles: one of the many NFT collections we support and have quite a few of

I will see how I can fairly give Good Holders more weight like @MamboMakers do and... I'll get more prizes ready for the upcoming Mambo Mondays. We want to help identify who the Good collections and frens are in🔺️who want to pay it forward

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