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Blockchain Roundup: Multinationals Including NFTs To Fight Climate Change With Solutions To Climate Change

📑Back at you with a weekly recap in the blockchain ecosystem.

We cover @avalancheavax & @0xPolygon this week.

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1/ @MagicEden has integrated @0xPolygon NFTs

MagicEden, the Solana-based NFT marketplace, will continue its multi-chain vision by integrating Polygon NFTs to accelerate development of new GameFi projects & global brands entering Web3

2/ @coreapp has partnered with @LayerZero_Labs to make BTC.b an OFT (omnichain fungible token).

BTC.b can now be transferred to Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Aptos, and any blockchain supported by LayerZero.

3/ @spritzfinance has partnered with @QuickswapDEX to offer Spritz Off-Ramp bridging DeFi & TradFi.

Users are able to automatically convert their crypto on any supported blockchain to USD & send it to to any connected bank account in a single transaction.

4/ @0xPolygon has partnered with @CV_Labs to promote blockchain technology in Africa.

Together, they will introduce possibilities of the Polygon ecosystem to businesses & organizations across Africa to create a more digitally robust and inclusive future.

5/ @BosonProtocol partners with @0xPolygon to further Web3 commerce.

This partnership will allow NFTs to be redeemed as physical products in a decentralized way.

Check out all the listed products in their announcement👇

6/ @0xPolygon has partnered with several Web2 & Web3 companies to help stop climate change.

Polygon will be a part of supporting innovative climate projects with a grant pool of 1M.

Other partners include @bmwfoundation @CeloOrg @Gitcoin & more.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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