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What Is the $AVAX Project?

What are some projects integrating into the AVAX ecosystem? 🔺

In this @traderjoe_xyz space, @DeltaPrimeDefi, @Galxe, @jefflam_ of @steadefi, & @oleprohon & @ochhii1337 of @THORSwap join @DavideFi_ & @blueclarityone to discuss what they're building.

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About @DeltaPrimeDefi

•Users can see @DeltaPrimeDefi as a protocol aggregator where the protocol initially aggregates the best of AVAX into one place. 1/

•The unique value proposition is that users not only have all these amazing protocols on @DeltaPrimeDefi but can also get under-collateralized loans in a trustless way.

•There are two different types of users, namely depositors & borrowers. 2/

•By using the dedicated smart contract, which is essentially the users’ prime account, a trustless way of lending can be achieved.

•The protocol will be launched in December. 3/

About @THORSwap

@THORSwap is a leading interface for everything @ThorChain.

•The sole purpose is to integrate w/ other chains. So, the mission of is to facilitate crushing swaps in a decentralized self-custody & trustless manner. 4/

@ThorChain is really great tool for integrating w/ L1 protocols.

@ThorChain is a Cosmos SDK-based chain.

@THORSwap connects @ThorChain w/ external or chain-specific liquidity protocols such as JOE. 5/

•Thanks to @THORSwap it is possible to swap BTC to JOE in one transaction without going to a CEX without using wrapped assets or without using any bridges. 6/

About @Galxe

@Galxe is an infrastructure that's going to power protocols’ growth.

•Allows running ‘participate to earn’

campaigns to drive off-chain growth & on chain growth.

•It customizes growth marketing campaigns.

•11 chains are supported. 7/

•It can be used as the main tool for crypto projects for their marketing strategies such as WLs, RT/follow, etc. 8/

About @steadefi

@steadefi just began about 2-3 months ago.

@steadefi is a protocol to help DeFi users to earn more yield by automatically executing & managing risk-adjusted strategies across yield-generating protocols. 9/

•There are strategy vaults that combine leverage & automated smart hedging strategies to help new chasers to get the highest yield while reducing exposure to risks such as price volatility. 10/

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