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What is Metaverse? A Deep Dive Into Metaverse

🎉 WorldCup - FANTOKEN & METAVERSE - The Future of Sports🔥

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What is Metaverse? What are fan tokens? and how would sport change in Metaverse?🚀

Let's have a deep dive into the topic with us👇


1/ What is Metaverse? A virtual reality, where users have a lot of real opportunities, such as purchasing various things, including estate property, making business, getting married & just having fun.

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@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK 1.2/ There are several differences between Metaverse and games that create an online life experience.

• First of all, Metaverse life doesn’t stop when someone turns off the computer. • Secondly, unlike separated video games Metaverse is united and diverse.

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK 2/ What are fan tokens? The fan token is a type of cryptocurrency that is used by sports organizations to provide additional opportunities for sports lovers.

Fan tokens became an important step towards better communication between teams and their fans.

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@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK 2.1/ By providing membership perks football teams (and sports teams in general) are able to increase the level of engagement of their fans. Now fans can do much more than just watch matches and games, such as various voting, influence the life of their favorite teams & players🤝

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK 2.2/ It is well known that at the moment fan tokens are being used also to purchase merchandise and NFTs. This created an additional source of income for sports clubs. This experience has great potential in terms of Metaverse.

BNB Chain is Making Innovations in Sport Possible as S.S Lazio Utilize NFT Ticketing

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK 3/ How would sport change in Metaverse? For the first time in history, there is an instrument that provides an amazing level of fan engagement. The amount of users in Metaverse is increasing rapidly, which means it can bring even more tools.

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK 3.1/ For sports fans it is crucial to be present at main games and events. However, lately, it is getting difficult for a number of reasons. A lot of barriers appeared lately that prevent people from traveling around the world following the teams.

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Metaverse offers a solution. With the help of new technology, fans can follow the life of their favorite teams from the comfort of their homes. At the same time, the experience itself can be significantly extended.

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK 3.3/ For example, users can get a better view from different perspectives or communicate with players and other fans after and during a match

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@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK @TopGoal_NFT @ArivaCoin @SecondLiveReal @highstreetworld @UltiverseDAO @WilderWorld 4/ Problems associated with sport in Metaverse Even though Metaverse provides an enormous amount of opportunities, it also raises some problems that are only waiting for solutions.

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK @TopGoal_NFT @ArivaCoin @SecondLiveReal @highstreetworld @UltiverseDAO @WilderWorld 4.1/ The Internet Connection The whole Metaverse experience is impossible if the connection is too slow or interrupted. It is also crucial to understand the ways people may use to interact within the Metaverse.

For instance, can they use voice or just written text?

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK @TopGoal_NFT @ArivaCoin @SecondLiveReal @highstreetworld @UltiverseDAO @WilderWorld 4.2/ The second problem is the technical equipment that people will use to connect to Metaverse.

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK @TopGoal_NFT @ArivaCoin @SecondLiveReal @highstreetworld @UltiverseDAO @WilderWorld 4.3/ There are also some regulatory challenges, such as employment, copyrights, digital asset management, etc. Probably, with the increase in user quantity and higher demands, developers will face more new challenges.

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK @TopGoal_NFT @ArivaCoin @SecondLiveReal @highstreetworld @UltiverseDAO @WilderWorld 5/ Closing Thoughts Our lives are changing rapidly, and this includes every single part of them, sports as well. Now we got a chance to attend events sitting on the warm couch without losing the interactive part.

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK @TopGoal_NFT @ArivaCoin @SecondLiveReal @highstreetworld @UltiverseDAO @WilderWorld 5.1/ The Metaverse is already influencing the sports industry a lot and it still has great potential for the future. It seems that we are standing at the beginning of a new era in this industry.

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK @TopGoal_NFT @ArivaCoin @SecondLiveReal @highstreetworld @UltiverseDAO @WilderWorld 6/ Disclaimer This article does not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their own research when making a decision."

@TheSandboxGame @decentraland @RACA_3 @RichQuack @CEEK @TopGoal_NFT @ArivaCoin @SecondLiveReal @highstreetworld @UltiverseDAO @WilderWorld 6.1/ The views, thoughts and opinions expressed here are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions of BSC Daily.

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