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MKBaskitch (The Wassifier) 22 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Price Analysis: The Last Leg Of Bitcoin’s Spell-Bound Saga


dont be fooled by the intro.

This shit is going to zero.

Baskitch price prediction pictured below....

crypto trading education BTC ETH SOL

BTC bitcoin BTC

failed to hold this and the reality will be, i think, chop for the rest of the year

bullish hopium is the weekly, loss of 43k is the fuck off and this is bearish

lower timeframes are jacked up

The thing at this time that i overall disagree with, is a short timeframe solution to this candle. Wanting this to go back up.

in May, we bled downwards for 3months

ETH ETH Ethereum

Still recovered above the low. Daily structure is stil in tact with the low held despite the massive selloff.

SOL SOL SOLANA Need the daily to close above the low, meaning it too would be in a better position than BTC

I think what caught people off guard was the ETH narrative, being stronger, and that being a top signal...

but it happened a lot quicker because april to may, you had the eth outperformance, versus this time around where it only really happened for a week

I cant tell you whether to close your positions now. Not because NFA, but because i dont have a clue what the next move will be.

This was the final selloff, and what i imajin the next couple of months to be for BTC Bitcoin BTC

This was a nut crusher :3 SPELL ONE

SPELL SPELL cryptocrash

Diagonal breaks, should not be longed when you can see that long would be straight into resistance.

The break of diagonal PLUS the reclaim, would give you more confidence in a LONG on spell

SOL and DOT have divs?

SOL has a potential div, but could easily go lower and invalidate this, we want to see price start to move away

Confirmed = div and price movement away from the div

Potential = the chart SHOWS a div, but the price has not moved away from the div area

The likely outcome.

Is still chopping on BTC bitcoin BTC

TERRA LUNA Probably your best setup for a LONG in this area

Your SHORTS should come from where there arent any buyers DEFI 1.0 Dino coins and the like

What about @HsakaTrades tweet? Playing into liquidation candles... unless you are him. Dont.

I would rather sit on nails, than do this

Is ADA CARDANO ADA dead? Yes. it is. 30cents.

Macro thoughts for 2022? Dont know. A lot of unknowns. Nothing i can say to it.

CRV CRV CRYPTO TRADING divs across the highs, not wonderful


Zero. Zero at best. Will be like oil, negative. You'll have to pay @SBF_FTX to hold your tokens


fall asleep on monday and you will find it at 80

AXS AXS short fake pokemon koin


Potential for 4H div If you wanted to get short yesterday you had the rejection, but now you would want to wait for a bounce to be able to get short


Do you honestly think i would sit here and larp. Shut your mouth boy.


This is now a top indicator. Added to list of 'horseman of the apocolypse' @JMPlusEV and the cosmonaughts is disbullieve

HOLY SHIT BAO BAO trading 3x and then full retrace


great bearish retest, with rejection

you want it reclaim to LONG

AVAX AVAX @satsdart

Possible 4H divergence. When looking for confirmed div, we want to see RSI away from the extreme, and price to do the same.

Confirmed = Time, need price and RSI move up

Then we have our setup

When is it played out? Getting back up to the 50 RSI

Divergences trading crypto YOU ARE PLAYING INTO A DOWN TREND.

So it is important if you get that bounce and the RSI gets back up to the midpoint,

take you take your profits,

otherwise price could go straight back to your entry

FTT FTX FTT If i was short from 45 i would think youre too tight, the highs could be run. Depends on what youre expectations are for the trade.

REN REN to 0.10

oh no linkmarine link link LINK

what monitor do you use, @ASUS_ROG ultra wide

Not interested in LONGING, i want to have a good christmas


What was the reason for the selloff?

market timing, most illiquid time of week was selected and they pushed sell

Create a Discord.


emotion (say how u feel at the start of each day), education,

backtesting strats with hit rates,

channel where u plan on what wassifier NFT u want to buy :3 nftart All those important things..... @ColdBloodShill

Funding? I may use that in the event that it is pushing an extreme, otherwise i dont use it.

STEP STEP trading *checks 1min chart


We dont care about the USDT chart, because we dont trade on [redacted] as a trading platform

Please use FTX @ftx_app @FTX_Official

[redacted] has a fixed liquidation.

What @FTX_Official does, is that it slowly moves your position, you would have part position remaining

ALGO looks primed for ATHs idk bout that, but its a great sweep of the lows on the daily candle. But youve had it done both ways

Dont worry about if youre mainly in spot and learning how to trade/short these market conditions.

i would map out your HTF areas where you would want to be a buyer again and just wait.

BTC looks like ass ETH looks alright If you want to be bullish youre bullish on ETH

The monthly div on ETH ETH is kinda untradable, but just be aware of it. Its too hard in crypto to be able to stay in position for that amount of time

NAS100USD Crypto holding up well versus traditional nuke. LoL no. crypto first to go.

Answer: absolutely an outcome

@lightcrypto is an absolute giga brain

my favourite quote from him:

countertrade yourself. dont believe in yourself. believe in me, believing in @CryptoCobain , believing in you *takes phat rip of breathalyser and signs of from @UpOnlyTV podacast :3

ALICE are you still targeting 30 this week? Yeah sure, this is fine

send it to 7.50 and consolidate for the next 6 months

Was ALICE your first love or something? You talk about this coin all the time?

CBS: .... i dont want to talk about it

no, bullish divs at range low give good entires


yes, almost exclusively scalp with renko

MATIC taken a hit

Im an analyst for a group for education called @TheHavenCrypto

Literally from

looking at the charts for hours and hours and hours

Why did you pick monday? If thats ur system, thats fune

We do private streams, i do daily updates, charts, journalling etc

@TheHavenCrypto Zero

Yes. Not particularly

Supply and demand

If chat had the ability to go back in time, and be a hodloooor, i would say most of chat would rather hold and not trade....

Dont trade My advice, High time frame support and resistance. Doing that = You will be a better investooor

@TheHavenCrypto Conditions are very different to 2018/2019

Learn HTF support resistence and market structure

Start with @CryptoCred on youtube, for a 69 year old he explains things quite well :3

Bevor Sie zu YouTube weitergehen

@TheHavenCrypto @CryptoCred is it because trading is difficult?

Anyone can press the buttons, i could write you a book on what to do. but its the psychology and the highs and lows of what happens during the trading that is hard to deal with...

again, when you make bad trades, bad mistakes. record yourself

@TheHavenCrypto @CryptoCred *takes phat rip of vape

@TheHavenCrypto @CryptoCred You are offered very good stops, with MS, so managing your risk prior to clicking the button is what you have to deal with...

to carry on from that point, giving youself proper stops - where your trade idea is clearly wrong and not trying to set tight stops always

@TheHavenCrypto @CryptoCred FINAL

NEXT SUNDAY for the stream

Dont fuck up your time with family and friends over christmas trading. Enjoy this time of year.

Buy a @BarrySilbert to support me, and to manifest a big week 0.03eth

Thanks @ColdBloodShill

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