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GM! BTC is continuing the fall towards the support of 32500. Next support will be at 30k breaking it will take btc to 28k-25k levels. There are two CME gaps at 32k & 36k. Both might get filled in this week or next. Expect some high volatility going forward!

ETH lost the ground after breaking 2550. Now we will see eth at 2250 very soon. Low volumes, lack of buying pressure will bring it down even further. My last target on Ethereum would be 1700 from where it should start to consolidate. Right now, it’s looking very bearish!

Altcoins are very weak. Stay away from them if you are a short term trader. There is no coin that’s good for short term now except some pump & dumps. Invest now for jackpot in 2-3 years. Best coins would be in the NFT Metaverse DeFi & exchange tokens such as FTT BNB

Next rally will also be good for Web3 bcoz during the 🐻 market normally good projects build great things focusing totally on the products. Web3 is gaining a lot of traction. GRT BICO FLUX will be huge in next 2yrs. Accumulate for next bull market in Q3 2024! cryptotrading

Summary: BTC is very weak at the moment. There are a lot of FUD regarding Saylor selling his bag or lower prices meaning liquidation of his holdings bought on debt. Luna depegging to USD etc. Well even without any FUD, markets would’ve been the same.

We are constantly seeing btc making lower lows ever since it came down below 50k. I’m still confident that we will come down to 20k-25k region sooner or later. If we breach 20k then it would be a disaster for markets. It will take a long time to recovery. Hope it won’t happn

We are training the models constantly to adopt to the 🐻 markets so for sure they will do good in this type of markets too. TSL models will do especially well. Other new strategies on mean reversion will do well also. Strategy factory will be released at the EOY to help more!

I’m trying everything for our users to face less problem with the 🐻 market & get maximum out of it. In the meantime, I will educate you also to make much more informed decision. We will do great. BCUBE cryptotrading cryptocurrency Crypto

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