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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin: Price Analysis, September 8

GM! BTC is making its 8th consecutive red candle on weekly charts for the 1st time in the history. If the weekly closing candle closes above 29k then we can see a relief rally, anything below 28600 will create panic. For now, 28k is acting as a strong support! (1/3)

BTC has always faces a drawdown of 85% from its peak during the bear markets. If this happens again then we can see it at 10350 in coming 12-18 months. This time chances of going that low is small but everything is possible in the cryptocurrency (2/3)

Also traditionally BTC always gets support at 200MA on weekly candle which now sits around 22k so we might see prices settling there for sometime in case of sudden dump. If it breaks it then we can see another 30% dump to 15k-19k region which is good for long term bags!

ETH is following BTC but is looking much weaker. ETH registered 8th candle of weekly closing in red. For now, 1700 is a very strong support which was tested a few days ago. If this is broken then next stop will be 1300-1500 which can be game over for ETH (1/2)

ETH is also facing pressure from melting NFT market. This was keeping it strong so far. Currently, there are many factors to push ETH down. Even the sentiments of the new upgrade in consensus algorithm to PoS isn’t really helping the prices so it will be hard going forward

altcoins are weak & melt more from here. Best time to start accumulating quality coins from now onwards. I will be releasing a list of coins with detailed strategy of SIP that can earn you a lot of money. Go for quality, go for long term should be the key now!

Get ready or all those hyped tokens bcoz the time has come for them to go to 0. In case if BTC drops below 28k then many of them will lose 80% of its value but what’s important is to DCA & pick those coins where value unlocking happens in the coming times.

Dump is inevitable but pumping back is where we should focus on & this happens only when we see a story, substance in it. So stay with quality P2E MetaverseCoin NFT coins which will still trend in the next bull market along with Web3 , Defi & trading platforms like BCUBE

Summary: BTC will be in a trading range until the Q3 2023 with all chances

of it going towards 15k but it doesn’t mean it will be one way journey as there will be some relief rallies, small altcoin seasons etc. it’s like few days of pump & a lot of days of dump! (1/2)

You can start doing SIP now which is adding 10% of your money at every 10% fall in the prices. You can do that more aggressively when the prices falls down more than 60% on BTC & ETH

Bull markets will return only in Q4 2023 if history repeats like how it always does! (2/2)

Always the new rally starts few months prior to halving so all eyes on Q1 2024. Let’s hope it will give us chance to trade on the way down now like how it gave on the way up. I’m sure with our continuous improvements & well crafted strategies, GuruBot, miracles can happen!

@Bcubeai team totally commits to people & help them during this downturn as much as we can in educating, lending a hand in reviewing your bags, working much more than ever to improve our products & give you the best experience. We keep you always in our mind. We will be fine!😊🚀

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