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Daily Altcoin Price Update: Market Update 6/18 – Market Update 12/18

Daily Market Update 6/18 | A Thread 🧵🧵🧵

Overall Trends - A hideous day for investors, BTC and ETH both saw around 11% drops. BTC now hovers at 18k and ETH at around 950. While the mass selloff continues, we have seen spikes in Bitcoin whale activity buying the dip.

1/ NFTs have been relatively low volume, but a couple of hyped project did sell out today. We will cover them in the thread, but NFTs still have some life

2/ Notable News

The biggest thing I want everyone to know about these crypto cycles are they will go up eventually. Selling now can save some money short term, but if you are here for the long term then you should not be worried. It may take time, but we will return to former

3/ levels and imo explode past them in the next cycle. Keep up with macro events - things like the FED meeting should have been on your radar and it could have helped you play the market. Plenty of things are luck, but there are ways to predict the market and make money.

4/ @LonelyPopNFT minted today at 0.075 WL price and 0.15 public. This project is the second NFT of @0xstudio, the same team behind @3LandersNFT, a fringe blue chip project that a lot of people have conviction in.

@LonelyPopNFT @0xstudio @3LandersNFT 5/ After flopping HARD after the team went solely for money and had a dutch auction starting at an absurd price of 1.5ETH, @LonelyPopNFT have since lowered it to its current price and people are much more willing to spend lower amounts.

@LonelyPopNFT @0xstudio @3LandersNFT 6/ The art is quite appealing and the project has seen over 300 ETH traded on @opensea @LonelyPopNFT by @0xstudio sits at a floor of around 0.15 and this will be a something i will monitor closely in the coming days as it could have a breakout or it could flop.

7/ @sneakerheadsoff also minted out today, and its hyped mint made people some quick flip profits. The collection of 5000 NFTs designed by well known artist and founder Ali Dawood consists of some pretty unique art of a face drawn with the inspiration and feel of a sneaker.

@sneakerheadsoff 8/ I believe they did an instant reveal and the floor sits nicely at 0.35 after seeing great volume today. Another bullish point of this project that it can go somewhere are the high sales of 9 ETH and 6 ETH that the project saw on its rares.

@sneakerheadsoff 9/ There is a lot of potential here with possible sneaker collabs with big names or giveaways or custom sneakers for holders. Regardless, this project has been in the making for months and I'm sure @sneakerheadsoff have something nice lined up for the future.

@sneakerheadsoff 10/ Degen mint of the day is @SenshiiNFT. This 5.5k collection has some pretty cool 3d art and an over 135k following on twitter. After changing from a paid mint to a free mint thanks to a rocky start, this quickly minted out and saw good volume on secondary. While the floor is

@sneakerheadsoff @SenshiiNFT 11/ still relatively low at 0.025, there was decent profit for those who minted @SenshiiNFT thanks to a great contract. Volume has slowed down, but the holder ratio is decent and there is the chance this can go higher considering it has an actual roadmap and following.

@sneakerheadsoff @SenshiiNFT 12/ Overall Thoughts

With crypto crashing down, we take another step closer to target buy points of many investors. People are trying to time the bottom, so from here on, I think things will be a lot more volatile. NFTs are still alive as we have seen with 2 major projects

@sneakerheadsoff @SenshiiNFT 13/ minting today, but as always, we are in one of the most risky times to invest into anything. Profit aggressively and dont be afraid to cut your losses. Have a great Sunday Kings and follow for more, I appreciate all 203 of my followers! 💵👑

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