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Breaking News: #BTCCaught Below $20K

GA! BTC remains choppy for the moment after briefly dumping below 20k. It’s fine for now as BTC has stayed above 19600. We may see a retest of lows if 18700 is broken else BTC will remain rangebound for the moment. BTC buying support will come in the 12k-18k range!

ETH is trading above 1k despite BTC going below 20k but at the same time the open interest has been increasing even since ETH slipped below 1800. Looks like sellers are strong at the moment. Open interest maybe a good metrics to gauge the next movement in eth

altcoins are dumping back as BTC started to dip below 20k. However, selective coins are still holding onto their gains. altcoins will bleed if BTC slips below 19600 & will lose positive momentum if BTC goes below 18500 levels. Long term accumulation can be good here!

Summary: BTC is still in a range between 17k-22k at the moment if you see the macro picture. We will show some movement on the either side in the month of May after CPI & FED data is released. On a larger picture, whales will accumulate at 12k-18k levels.

We are coming close to the bottom at around 10k but once again BTC won’t come suddenly there but it will keep ranting & there might be sudden dumps. DCA will help build wealth on the long run if done at this point in time! cryptocurrecy Cryptocurency cryptocurrencies

Sorry for the late update because I’m working since 7:30am today continuously but there are still many things to finish. It’s very hectic as we are having several important launches coming in the Q4 2022! We are building super cool stuff! BCUBE cryptotrading

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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