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Opinion: 90% of Twitter Tweets Do Not Get It Wrong (So Don’t Get It)

Statistics say 90% of Traders fail / blow out. That means that 90% of what is posted on FinTwit is wrong !!

For your own sanity stick to your own plan and don't let these 🤡

bias you.

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Statistics show you have a better chance of becoming a professional athlete than a professional trader. FACTS!!

One thing I've realized over the years as a full time trader is most people trade as a hobby for extra cash, or because they think it's cool or like the challenge.

However what most people don't realize is ALL these people also have a real full time jobs AND they don't depend on trading to survive, it's still a work in progress for them or a hobby per say. Like a casino... And like the casino every "gambler" knows how to beat the system

What I'm saying here is there is so much trading BS on Twitter that unless you know the person you're following is a LONG time professional trader who trades FULL TIME for a living YOU ARE getting bad info,OR a bias from someone who IS NOT qualified to throw you off your game.

Between all the Furu's who sell subs and the self proclaimed money getting expert's just be careful and IMO it's best to stick to your own plan forget what everyone else is saying on Twitter... because remember... 90% of them are wrong long term.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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