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Six Crucial Bitcoin Levels That Really Matters

The six important bitcoin levels that really matters

Despite lower time frame noisy price action, there are actually six levels/areas where you need to keep an eye on, and where you can really make some decent profits trading btc & altcoins

let's explain them


1- btc 60k Mar2021 close The real ATH as Nov.2021 was nothing more than an echo-pump amplified by spoofing orders

the failure to close above in Nov.2021 was the real confirmation of macro level resistance followed by a real-painful drop & Bear market

it was a macro exit sign

2- btc @ 35k this is a key monthly level that formed in June 2021 it took months till we visit again in 2022, where the bounce of that level provided decent 38%+ bounce on bitcoin, alongside with 2-3x on most of the altcoins

this level is a macro resistance today✍️🏻

3🚨 btc @ 19-20k the previous cycle ATH , with its weekly support, this area is a critical technical & phycological support, that we need to keep watching

currently it's a SUPPORT the basic gameplay is to Long the support as long as it holds based on lower TFs confirmations🤝

4&5 in case of current 20k failure,13.8 & 10.8k are the perfect confluence levels on both Monthly & Quarterly, which makes them a great long term potential entries for investors

yet, it is not clear if btc would go there or not, but if ever I got a chance, I will BUY-BIG there

6- Bitcoin 6.4k the sixth and the famous 6k temp. ground for the previous cycle (sharply 6400)

imo, this level is totally out of the formula, but as we learnt, never say never and always keep the levels crystal clear in your mind

Make sure you print & keep these bitcoin monthly levels crystal clear in your mind

avoid the LTFs noise and make sure you play them properly with all the patience and balls it takes


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