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How I Survived My Father to Suicide by Bitcoin

The journey to a 7-Figure crypto portfolio: My Story

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The journey starts back in 2015. I had just completed my first year in practice as a dentist and I am nearly two years on from losing my father to suicide. After the dust had started to settle to some degree following the atomic bomb of my fathers' untimely death,


I had chance to reflect on what had caused this travesty. A large contributing factor was financial. Although he was a clever man with a decent income from a self employed job, he had almost zero knowledge of finance, investing, taxes and no other sources of income.


After his health had started to decline, with a family of five to provide for, a large mortgage and no other sources of income, when he was too ill to work he was essentially fucked. After realising this I made it my mission to understand more about the world of finance,


investing and other sources of income away from my self employed job. As Warren Buffet said 'Learn to make money while you sleep or you will work until you die.' I had always been interested by economics but had never studied it. I started by watching a Ray Dalio video


on how the economic machine worked. From there I started listening to Robert Kiyosaki and spent about a year studying Real Estate investing. However, during this I became fascinated with the financial markets after watching Anton Kriel and his 10 secrets to financial success


I naturally then gravitated towards crypto after hearing some of the incredible fortunes people my age had made. Like many of you, crypto became an obsession, I just wanted to learn and know as much as I could. The time was late autumn 2017 and I had just bought some btc and


some other shitcoins. It was a crazy time, I managed to quadruple my portfolio in about 20 days. I had no idea what the hell I was doing but It was an amazing to see what was possible given the right market conditions. You can probably guess how this ended.


After the market topped at the start of 2018 I was left holding a bag of shit. With little investing experience, I decided to just hodl. I watched my portfolio decrease about 95% over 2018 but I knew there was something to the crypto space so I decided to keep learning.


I spent from 6pm til 10pm most days after work studying, watching crypto investing videos etc. I steadily dollar cost averaged my way into btc and some of the big alts over 2018, 2019 and 2020. As some of you may understand from this recent bear market, it seems to be


never ending. I began to get exhausted by the relentlessness of the bear market which in hindsight was a rookie mistake as I missed out on the first defi summer and coins like link. However, after the brutal covid crash, with my knowledge and skills improving


It became apparent to me that we about to enter another bull run. Btc had regained the 21w ema as support and Saylor was going on a mad one with Raoul Pal. I couldn't believe it, it was finally here, pure sweet euphoria.


I got into coins like matic for sub 2 cents, qnt for about 10 dollars, axs for about 4 dollars etc. I rode them all the way up turning my mid 5 fig portfolio into 1 mil before I hit 30 yrs old which was a big ambition of mine. By the end of the bull run I had amassed about


2 mil. I had taken profits along the way and when btc failed the 200d retest in 2022 i sold the remaining lot. My trading style is more htf swing trading and I am aiming at getting my portfolio to 8 figures in this next cycle.


I am eager to work with like minded people and learn from people better and more advanced than me, whilst eager to help beginners getting into the space who may have been destroyed this year like I did back in 2018.


If any of my journey resonates with you, give me a follow and get in touch via dm. I want as many of us to win as possible in this space, what ever winning means to you. As Vinnie Jones says 'Let's fuckin av it!'



This post is based on this twitter thread.


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