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Bitcoin Price Update: BTC Could Go Down?

BTC Sunday update:

This week will be marked by the CPI numbers on Tuesday which are not expected to be bad.

So in principle, DXY could go down and give BTC the opportunity to continue recovering some areas to the upside in the short term.

Let's look at the liquidity zones:

The next area that we see with large short liquidations is between 22k and 22.3K so we'll probably see them recovering this area next.

At this moment, there are 19B worth of long liquidation (cumulative). Are 19B enough?

If not, pushing price up to hit the short liquidations at 22.3k at the same time as building more long liquidations makes sense.

But let's look at the chart...

They've just recovered this long wick (wick fill strategy) and there is a new CME gap at 21300.

So maybe we have a red Monday which could be a false move into the CPI on Tuesday, when we could see them preparing the move towards the short liquidations at 22.3k.

But I can't unsee that Asian pump. It stinks. We've seen the market retracing these pumps almost every single time... is this time going to be an exception?

*If we pump from here before filling the CME gap, that'll be a reason to prepare shorts after filling the Liquidity Pool

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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