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Daily Altcoin Market Update: Bitcoin Price Holds Above $9,000

Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update - 9/11/2022 | A Thread 🧵🧵


Following yesterday's big gains, we were a lot more stable today with everything pretty much just consolidating in the crypto market. BTC is above 22k and ETH sits at 1.75k. The Merge is a week away

1/ so expect some possible pumps. NFTs saw a good day today with some degen plays popping off. The market has definitely seen better days, but there is plenty of opportunity to stack some ETH before the Merge.

2/ Degen/free mint of the day: DOGE CLUB

@DogeClub_NFT is a 10k supply NFT collection that saw over 6200 sales on secondary. With close to 200 ETH volume traded, the floor currently sits at 0.04 ETH, making some great profit for minters and investors.

3/ @DogeClub_NFT is a @BoredApeYC derivative with the main difference in the collections being the ape is replaced with a doge. This is a peak degen and meme play, but it has been able to ride off of insane hype. We will see how Doge Club does tomorrow.


@BromanNft was another free mint that performed spectacularly on secondary. Seeing over 4000 sales on secondary, this project sits at a current floor of 0.06 after catching the attention of multiple alpha groups. One of the main reasons why this project caught fire

5/ was because these were apparently by some really big music artists from South Asia. They have huge followings on social media, and @BromanNft is very Asian-centric, so we could possibly see this moon further.

6/ DASPEPE MINT by DasFruits

DasPepe was a 0.0069 mint that caught some traction today thanks to this being by @Dasfruits, a well known influencer in the NFT space. This project saw close to 2000 sales on secondary and was able to hold its floor as it sits at 0.01 ETH.

7/ DasPepe was the first generative collection by @Dasfruits and it was inspired by his favorite Web 3 character, Pepe. The Pepe meta has sort of faded, so unless this sees high volume tomorrow, it may not be able to catch any more traction.


With the Merge a week away now, this upcoming week is going to be a really important time for everyone in the crypto and NFT space. While the Merge won't actually have too much of an impact on performance for the blockchain yet, it is still something that has

9/ the chance to either be a huge catalyst or tank if the transition doesn't go as planned. Big things to watch so stay ready. Thanks for reading and have a great start to your week Kings. Follow for more and stay awesome! 💵👑

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