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Demex, The ‘DeFi Hub of Cosmos’ Market Launched With “Perpetuals Market”


Demex now offers the highly demanded — perpetuals market, starting with:

☄️ BTC Perpetuals ☄️ ETH Perpetuals

Demex — THE Order Book DEX for the Cosmos Ecosystem and beyond, offering an unrivalled trading experience.

Demex has it all: Order books for spot, futures and perpetuals markets, well supported by liquidity pools and automated market makers.

Demex is the true DeFi Hub of Cosmos. 💸

AND, we're completely permissionless. Don't see the market you want to trade? Just create your own!

To top it off, powered by IBC, you can cross trade across multiple blockchains like @cosmos @osmosiszone @JunoNetwork @EvmosOrg and so on.

You can even trade beyond Cosmos, using a direct bridge with @BNBCHAIN @ethereum @zilliqa and many more.

⚡️ Demex is lightning fast (400x faster than Ethereum). Transactions occur in the blink of an eye at a whopping 10,000 TPS. 👀

Perpetuals market coupled with all these killer products and features, what more could you ask for?! Make Demex your go-to DEX for the Cosmos Ecosystem. ⚛️

Hop on to

and start trading the *most demanded derivative* in the crypto space now!

Demex | A Derivatives DEX Built RightDemex | A Derivatives DEX Built Right

New to trading futures? We got you covered:

Check out the contract specifications here:

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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