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Bitcoin Comic: Why #Bitcoin is a Store of Value

Since our Bitcoin series started, BTC went from 18k to 22k.

Should you be buying BTC now or is it too late?


If you missed our previous Bitcoin comics, here's part 1 of the series!

We went through why Bitcoin is a store of value and what are the different properties that make BTC sound money.

Not convinced by our previous comic? Today, we'll cover 3 more properties that make Bitcoin sound money!

4. Durable 5. Portable 6. Scarce

4. Durable

Bitcoin is durable which means no value is lost from wear and tear! BTC is code and thus can be stored anywhere. Unlike paper currencies that can be easily destroyed, this won't happen with Bitcoin.

5. Portable

As a piece of code, it can be stored on paper, in a thumb drive, or even memorized in your head!

How? You can easily carry your life savings on a @Ledger and travel the world. We can't say the same about paper money and gold though.

6. Scarcity

Bitcoin has a fixed, finite supply of 21 million that is reduced over time. This makes it scarcer and less inflationary than most currencies! When it halves again in 2024, Bitcoin's inflation will be less than gold.

If you didn't pick up any BTC on the previous dump, not to worry because there will be plenty of opportunities in the next few months and years.

We made a comic on dollar cost averaging which you can apply when buying Bitcoin.

If you liked our Bitcoin series, stay tuned for our next comic where we will be discussing Bitcoin as a currency inflation hedge!

As always, remember to do your own research DYOR!

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