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Bitcoin Drops to $21,826; Bitcoin Cash Drops to 10/31/2016

📈 BTC closed the week at 21,826 level. BTC week toptraders

👇🏻 4/4

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✅ Took off local liquidity at 18,600-18,900 ▫️ Broke through the local RSI trendline ▫️ Approaching the MA200 again

➕Good reaction in the support zone ➕Broke down the down-trend RSI from January 2021 [3D TF] ➕The price is above the support zone formed by the ATH [2017]


➕Growing volumes ➕Potential Double Bottom (DD)

➖ Bearish trend ➖ Approaching the MA200 from below ➖ The Fear Index has not fallen below 20 (in June it was down to 6) when going down to 18,500 ➖ RSI is in a bearish zone


➖Formed a new liquidity pool (18,500); BTC didn't get to the zone [17,600] where the knock out of the SLs occurred Conclusions: The drop from 40K occurred without correction to the resistance zone, and while we're above a support zone (ATH 2017) the LONG priority remains


✅ Collection of liquidity for sale has been made, waiting to take off liquidity of buyers.

- Fixing the price above 24,000 - 26,000 - A test of the global resistance zone of 29,000-32,000

More local parsing will come with 3D analytics update:

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