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btc Dominance – Altcoins’ Exchanges

MAJOR WARNING FOR ALTCOIN HOLDERS🚨🚨🚨 As we said warned previosly btc dominance reversed exactly on support! You are now in big danger by holding altcoins! Maybe one more push in altcoin but after that they will be destroyed by btc dominance☠️ Lets go through the dangers 1/4

As etherium merge vanishes from sight etherium will slowly lose its strenght , you can see that already by the rise of btc dominance..That will be the first hit 🛑🛑🛑 2/4

The second hit☠️ will be even sharper btc rise after positive cpi/ The problem is when bitcoin goes down dominance will continue to rise it will not fall like before. So altcoin will be pushed hard after that! You already had 96 altseason high! 3/4

In previous history when we reversed this support level of btc dominance we had big, enormous upside of btc dominance. I went up 8 % and 16 % and 18 !% My expectation could be 47 %


Maybe this time dominance will not rise like that because there is way more altcoins and people figured out other values in crypto , that is true . But a sharp rise until 47% could very well happen. The problem is you do not want to be on the side of altcoin if btc drops hard!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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