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7 Crypto Updates: 7 Crypto Updates

7 Recent Crypto Updates Today:

1. Banking giant @Fidelity to consider offering BTC trading to its over 34.4MM retail clients

2. Hong Kong's 🇭🇰 Hashkey Ltd. was given approval by the Securities & Futures Commission to manage portfolios of 100% virtual assets

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3. @novogratz said during a panel discussion at the SALT NY conference:

"A bird has told me, a little bird in my ear, that Fidelity is going to shift their retail customers into crypto soon enough"

4. LUNC tumbles 21% on the daily after last week's surge

5. Crypto exchange @HuobiGlobal will delist 7 privacy coins due to broader regulatory scrutiny

The coins are dash (DASH), decred (DCR), firo (FIRO), monero (XMR), verge (XVG), zcash (ZEC) and horizen (ZEN)

Delisting is slated to start at 08:00 UTC on Sept 19th

6.1 Argentina's 🇦🇷 tax collection agency carries out 1st ever raid in search of illegal crypto miners

In San Juan - an agricultural producer was found housing crypto miners in a fruit cooling area

In Buenos Aires - 142 rigs and 1,355 video cards were found

6.2 Another raid occurred in Córdoba, albeit, details were not disclosed

7. @GameStops head of blockchain, @finestonematt is leaving the video-game retailer but plans to continue working within the Ethereum ecosystem

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