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10 Crypto Pumpins: NFT, Starbucks, and More. Cryptospace News for March 2-9

Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update 9/12/2022 | A Thread 🧵🧵🧵


The crypto market didn't see much action with just some small movement in the top coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum. BTC sits above 22k while ETH has dropped to around 1.7k. CPI data is coming out tomorrow so

1/ this could shake things up. NFTs were once again reminded that we are not in a paid mint meta as the hyped @ProjectYinYang did not do too well. Fortunately, we saw some great pumps in other projects giving some big profit potential for smart investors.

2/ Degen/free mint of the day: PROJECT YIN YANG

@ProjectYinYang was one of the highly anticipated projects of this bear and it sadly didn't perform as expected. With Streelisted getting free mints while others had to pay 0.085 ETH, this project saw over 5000 sales on secondary

3/ and sits below mint at 0.08 ETH. @ProjectYinYang

is a 10k project with some cool "street" style art and a stacked team behind it. Sadly, the current state of the market ruined its debut, but if the team can roll something out, it might see some secondary pumps.


One of the premier art projects in the NFT space, @RENGA_inc,">@RENGA_inc caught fire today and mooned. With over 1200 sales today, this shot all the way to 0.7 ETH. The interesting part about this is that there are also Black Boxes, which are the unrevealed Rengas.

5/ These Black Boxes also

made a pump too to 1.4 ETH. @RENGA_inc is the name behind The Art of Seasons and is a primarily art and lore based project. These are well liked by the community so it will be fun to watch how these play out.


@wolfdotgame genesis lands revealed today and while these did not go crazy, it did signify the next step towards the Q4 release of the full game. Wolf Game is an OG project in the space that has the support of big names such as @garyvee

7/ @wolfdotgame first gained popularity thanks to their unique P2E mechanics and have since continued to be a popular NFT. These will be a long term watch as the full game release gets closer.


The latest big Web 2 name to enter Web 3 is @Starbucks.">@Starbucks If you are in any alpha groups, they have probably been throwing around a waitlist link for Starbucks. This is the famous coffee shop, Starbucks first time dealing with the digital

9/ Web 3 community like this so not much is known about their plan. Whatever @Starbucks is doing, however, it is better to be early rather than late. Keep this on your watchlist as updates are pushed out.


With CPI data coming out today, I expect some volatility early in the day. Not to mention the Merge is just a few days away, we are in for an exciting period of time in the near future. Be very careful with your investments right now considering how much

11/ prices may move and always be sure to take profits and just play safe. Thanks for reading Kings and have a great day! Follow for more and let me know if you enjoyed! 💵👑

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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