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Bull Market: Hold Calm and Don't Wait for the Bull Market


ETH Don't be someone else's stepping stone, don't wait for the bull market to enter the market, the current price is in a more embarrassing position, and the trend in recent years is relatively high

But if you look at it from a bull market's point of view, it's not a low, but it's still an acceptable price. If the current market corresponds to the picture, it should be in the incubation period ~ awakening period.

Almost every major bull market has several of the same phases:

In the first stage of the bull market, the high stock capital and the change of hands drove the market to rise. The incremental capital is still on the sidelines, and the currency price began to rise, but most retail investors will not dare to buy.

In the second stage, off-market funds began to enter the market, and in the middle and late stages of the second stage, the currency price rose, the market shouted bulls, and retail investors' confidence in the bull market increased greatly, and they chased after them.

In the third stage of the bull market, bubbles began to appear, and they entered the crazy stage of investment. At this stage, retail investors had already made a certain profit, but the madness of the market made him feel that it would continue to rise.

In the fourth stage, the incremental funds became less, and a callback began to appear. Retail investors missed the best take profit range, but they still did not come out of the bull market psychology. Even if the stock price fell, you thought it would still rise.

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