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Alleg Spy Spx “Dxy” Tried To Work With Zebpay, But She Was Flawed

2022 has been sort of challenge, for myself, practically this past 9 months been success. Maybe one of fhe reason been that i focused in charts

rather than social


BTc Eth Spy Vix Dxy Es

I Always have 3 way in front of me that algo micros - macros cuves show then just taking validation/invalidation

As here a nice play of Dxy - Vix I tried to expose as the best during the Friday live all the way and possibility that we have for boths playing with macros micros

For Dxy and Vix that act in very specific momemtum by events pre/past , things are made/making to caught easy traders mean new ones, because Dxy retracement lot things directly big pump in one candle or when its pump they look at crash in one candle..

Thats not how its work, also trying to T.A vix ? Well that to pil datas as change and momentum by T.a events pre past Spy Spx Tnx Dxy .. to get and understand Vix thats just fck your T.A !

You think that you can match what is coming by beeing full bearish or bullish instead of staying neutral ? BTC keep ranging 32k as hi limited and 9k as low limited. Bottom is in phase, is it not hit yet. When its will then i will say it

Why ? Imagine big players sell right now, its will hit zero.

Price in large range have the Eq market above and below are the Premium and Discounted price, its serve during as maintaining it to distribute at same time that making money.

Sell on your head and Buy your sell

Participants have difficulty to understand how volatility can be created after a calm because most time passed the zero fees have no influences when Participants leace months after months.

But still, volatility as said can be created and driven by narration that this things born with your speculations you new traders/investors that keep find pseudo results dump pump because ? Social news * give yourself a favor, less social and more observation of your charts

For me the importance has to come of staying neutral, here as a exmple of the bad realease and then breaking retest Es Btc Spx Spy Us500 , and i did have in case the up scenarios with levels for the opposites. But read this for the down, and understand nothing will go straight ..

By saying nothings goes straight down for now as exmple is it telling you beware that at a moment this afger attracted you believes and too much assurance of pseudo narrative - That candle will take you all up from ass getting out by mouth.

Keep in mind - Balance

Not too sure why they want it to look ghis way but lol, the merge is giving much more netflow gheses past 2 days than Btc, also the Takers sells that did increased.. still because iam neutral i will continue to look at more confluences into metrics til Merge day

Showing bit differences btw hourly and daily, yet i would like this to make reactions because relatively Btc and Eth merge create this narrative that for not is not ended. So vould attract bit more liquidity to liquidate on head of the new degen

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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