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$BTC Trading: Last Leg Of Longs Again

BTC On to the next trade.

Price absolutely killed bulls and now we look for longs again. Price trading at 20750 which acted as a pivot before. Also price is now trading inside the daily FVG.

This is a large zone so lets zoom in on the lower timeframe.🧵


Because of the aggressive expansion price left behind an enormous inefficient gap. So the 4H fvg within the daily fvg is an area of interest for me.

(I left the old TA on the chart so you can see how FVG's tend to react)

For reference to old tweets:

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BTC Point of interest

Dropped down to the 15m TF. Placed a range volume profile to spot high volume traded price levels. The PoC corresponds to FIB .702. which is the median between .618 and .786.

BTC If i anchor the Volume Profile from the last low to the last high we see that price is trading at VAL which is around our pivot point.

(deleted the last tweet because the VP wasn't anchored properly)

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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