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Learn About Technical Analysis and Japanese Candlesticks

Do you want to learn about Technical analyses and Japanese candlesticks? You can use it to trade BTC Ethereum BNB and many more, like stocks and Forex. Do you want to improve yourself!!

Than I'm your guy to follow.


I will post every workday 2 trade set ups which I personally trade.

There is more!

1. I will learn you how to spot reversals like the engulfing candle, a tweezer top or a bottom, a Harami and many more candlestick patterns.

2. I will learn you how to spot continuations with candlestick patterns.

3. I will learn you how to spot reversals and continuations with patterns like the wedge, pennant, flag and many more!

If you are still here. Give me a follow! Lets learn and discuss to become better traders.

This is all for fun and for paper trading. This is not a guarantee for money making. Do your own research.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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