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Bitcoin Price: Target $BTC At the Forecast $BTC ‘ETH’

I wouldn’t pull the trigger after todays BTC bloodbath just yet, but I will let you know when and what I plan do to when conditions are met

If you haven’t already, read up on my 52+7 thesis to give you a better understanding of why I am doing what I am doing.

On Nov 9th 2022, I will be buying spot BTC ETH BNB SOL

That date is my bottom prediction, I could of course be wrong…but I like my odds.

1) The allocation will be as follows: 46% BTC 26% ETH 20% BNB 8% SOL

2) They will be layered purchases.

- Half on Nov9th 2022

- The other half 7 weeks later Dec 28th 2022


Although nobody can predict the future, I believe this will be most optimal place to start buying back into crypto. NFA.

Exit-Strat: I will sell once my bags appreciate 200% OR after 5 months have passed since entry…Which ever hits first. Simple

I will then wait till 6 months prior to the 2024 halving to start accumulating ALTS I believe that will give life changing returns, LYXE for example.

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