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From yesterday's thread, we've now fallen back under black range, and thus, long bias invalidated and leaning bearish now

Another thread of what I'm looking for from here 🧡


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First and foremost, no interest in entertaining a bull bias until we *at least* reclaim 20.7-20.8k

If/when we do that, we'll go from there


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Now, since we've re-entered the blue range, naturally have to lean towards a sweep of range lows @ 19k

If we get that, could just look for a range to range play back up to the mid range or range highs



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Looking at it in isolation, having deviated+reclaimed blue range makes me think we'll see price trade *below* blue range

At which point... there's not much else to do besides sweep those lows @ 17.5k, or even make new ones


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Also this most recent leg up gave us a new range to work with, and those range lows being untested adds confluence to the idea that we see a sweep of them


So yea, tldr - back to bearish by default - can start considering flipping bull if we reclaim 20.7k - leaning towards 19k again, but ultimately that sweep of 17.5k or new lows

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Also, in hindsight, it was really as simple as just selling the .618 retrace 😐

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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