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No, We Are All Don’t Like Bitcoin

A collective course of action is possible that could instantly increase or decrease Bitcoin by 100 or 200. But for 1000 or 2000 this is not possible. Because most of the BTC is in the hands of a few scammers.

Scammers, yes. The few people who hold the bulk of Bitcoin are the biggest scammers in world history. They make good use of graphics, mathematics, economic theories, psychology, in short, science. We have to see and accept this.



The 'panapticon' of crypto exchanges is smart softwares. With several 'big bosses' watching all our money movements, it's impossible not to lose in the end. We are all donors of big bosses. Never forget this.




The biggest lie that causes the big bosses in the crypto market to deceive us and get richer is the “volatility of crypto”. How can they make money so easily if they don't make crypto, especially Bitcoin, so volatile?

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The main difference between @cz_binance and @saylor :

@cz_binance is a professional scammer who uses science and Bitcoin to make money. However, @saylor is a Bitcoin owner and son-of-a-bitch swindler who manipulates to make money.

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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