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Ethereum Will Have More Security When Switch To Proof Of Stake

🐮🧵 A thread of the advantages Ethereum will have by switching to Proof of Stake:

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1.- PoS has more Security 🧵

Reason: More validators with the capital and control of the network are needed (51%). PoS offers approx. between 5 to 20 times more security for the same cost compared to Proof of Work🫱🏼‍🫲🏽.

2.- PoS has more economic efficiency 🧵

Reason: There is more security for the same cost of PoW (Payments to incentivize validators and block reward of ether issuance payments)💸.

3.- PoS makes Ethereum more decentralized 🧵

Reason: For the possibility of more people becoming Ethereum validators in PoS = more decentralization

* No special hardware is needed ✅ * You can participate with a Raspberrypi for less than 300 USD ✅

* 32 Eth are needed to become a validator. (less than becoming a miner in PoW) ✅

If you have less Eth, you can join decentralized staking pools🚀

4. PoS makes Ethereum more resistant to censorship 🧵

Reason: In PoS it is not so easy to find the validators (in PoW it would be easy to find them by requesting information from electric companies, or using heat mapping technology💻).

5. With PoS there is better recovery from attacks 🧵

Rationale: The possibility of an attack on any blockchain is indisputable, but with PoS, it is much easier for the Ethereum blockchain to recover🔗.

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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