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Open Thread To Discuss Whether Someone Should Move Their Mining Coin

I wrote the thread embedded a while ago but this morning was asked in a BTC chat group my thoughts on whether someone should move their mining to Ravencoin. Here’s a new thread on my response:

RVN’s core feature is it is BTC fork with added features for asset tokenization.

RVN is still very early but people are working on tokenizing real things (real estate, BTC mining business) but doing it through obtaining SEC clearance to accept money.

A hardware wallet is slated to release by end of year. @IceWalletCold

Like BTC, there is no “team.” It’s individuals deciding to build it.

@brucefenton one of the co-founders ran for senate in NH. He lost which isn’t surprising but go watch some of his videos, very refreshing

@tronblack the other co-founder has been working on development for @tZERO and the @STOmarket application. “Hope” is they ultimately use Ravencoin to put securities on the blockchain.

And obviously w the merge coming hash power on Ravencoin is increasing greatly. This alone is bullish imo bc it will bring more awareness and more builders to raven.

Atomic swaps is something devs are working on to which is basically a way to use Ravencoin to codify asset transfer which would be like a smart contract.

My view is that as more and more people become aware of Ravencoin it will be viewed as the perfect compliment to BTC. BTC is money and store of value. RVN is where you tokenize and transfer assets.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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