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BTC Update Daily TF Sept 14

Yesterday on Sept13 BTC was smashing into MAJOR OH resistance @ the BF channel & LT downward slopping resistance leading into the CPI data release.

Info was shared FREE @ 7:43AM EST

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The RSI on the 4HR, 1HR & 15 min were also all really overbought, which is why I said that there was a decent chance that the CPI numbers wouldn't be good.

Things to note: - Hard rejection from BF resistance & downward slopping trendline

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- Broke below 9 & 21SMA IF 9 turns down, lookout below - Bear target 1 @ July low 18.6K - Bear target 2 @ June low 17.5K

IF we break below the June low, refer to my earlier work.

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On the 4HR: - the 9SMA is taking a straight shot DOWN right now, looking to cross bearish BELOW the 100SMA anywhere between 8PM & 12PM EST.

Do not underestimate how bearish this COULD be. Notice I said could.

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If you see BTC start to come down, know that it is the result of algos triggering because of the 9 on the 4HR.

Ignore the hype folks, do yourself a favor, & listen to LeMan!

Play safe.

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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