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Longread: Bitcoin Confidentiality, Quantumware, Nakamoto Coins

I used to write a crypto newsletter, then I stopped. I hope it was helpful to those who read it. The domain will soon expire but the articles are up. I no longer care to pursue anything in crypto other the Litecoin and the two other Nakamoto coins: BTC and DOGE. ☀️


Of the covered projects, I regret my excitement of DRGN the most. While I like their founder, I believe much of their press has been vaporware. It’s upsetting. Quantum safe is a nice marketing point, but quantum computing is very primitive. I still hold some regardless. 🐉

Bitcoin Confidential was an interesting speculation but it is totally dead and may undergo a rebrand/face-lift which I believe will kill it ultimately. I loved that it was confidential since block zero — and it works! — but there are so few users and it is fairly illiquid. 🥷



They will likely succeed in their own realms of being non-monies.

DASH ZEC and DCR also have a place in the world.

So, generally, the model portfolio is solid. I did my best to treat the projects fairly and showcase value. However, other than BTC LTC and DOGE non of the projects are — and they will never be — money. ☀️

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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