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How to Get the Most Out of Networking In MONTE CARLO

I WAS NETWORKING IN MONTE CARLO last night and I have some tips to share with you on how I get the most out of my experience 🤩:

💫 Attend alone unless you’re planning to make an investment decision that may require you to being your partner for a trusted second opinion. BTC

💫 Know that networking is “uncomfortable” initially especially when you’re speaking to people you wouldn’t bump into at work / business

💫 Listen well: don’t run around with 5 min conversations giving

out business cards, you’ll come across very unauthentic which is a turn off

💫 Don’t pitch anyone when you first meet them, your main aim is to be able to TRUST each other and once you have that post event, you can attract business naturally rather than pitch it!👉🏻 I always go in with a “no strings attached” approach. I never pitch, I go with the

intention of making genuine connections where I can ADD value to them.

✅ Business is all about WIN:WIN, when you have that present, everything else will come naturally.

💫 I look forward to meeting you on my “Money Mastery” LIVE ching event where I can coach you on your RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY on September 24th! 😎🤩😍 👉🏻DM “MM” to get an invite 💫

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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