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Cultist $btc Maxis Has a Problem With Their Community

One thing cultist btc maxis have in common is they don't allow tweets from anyone else then their closed circles. They're not willing to consider any ideas that doesn't fit their doctrine.

They have a serious problem, that community is bleeding smart people.

Newbies bypass btc all together when they start in crypto. We asked tons of people who bought crypto in the last cycle and the huge majority of them held no btc.

Toxicity doesn't make your community grow.

The cause is right, the way to achieve the goal is not.

Everytime I talk about this people think I'm anti btc.

One btc is one btc.

I think there's better tech out there and I believe in innovation. I have no bad feelings towards btc. I just think the maxi community is working against it's own cause.

At one point there's so much lies and nonsense told by that community.

btc could have embraced DEFI and could have been used as money in there. All liquidity pairs could be btc based.

My feed is polluted by total nonsense bullshit propaganda from maxis. Literally every information is vehicle about eth today untrue. They cheer up for morally bankrupt @GaryGensler

So much salt.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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