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How to Give Someone a Crypto Gift From Phezzan #BTC

DTS volume 4, a quick tutorial on how to give someone a time-locked BTC gift by @Kacper20938822 from Phezzan community.

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Please DYOR before you use any website. This is not financial (or life) advice.

A 🧵, let's dig in:


Have you ever wanted to give someone a crypto gift, but you knew it would be used too soon? Maybe your son is getting married but his wife does not believe in magic internet money? Or you are bad at hodling, selling everything after 10% dump? Worry no more, we got you!

2. To time-lock BTC we will use

First you need to generate new address, this address will be used to approve your ownership on locked BTC . Follow steps on screenshoot. Remember the private key. Doublecheck if you have that correctly! Again, DYOR.

Bitcoin Wallet by

3. If you copied public key and wrote down private key. Then you can generate new time-locked address. Just paste your public key, enter unlock date and submit to generate your locked address!

4. Now you only need to deposit BTC to the new time-locked address and note Redeem Script.

The only things needed to unlock those BTC are previously generated private key and Redeem Script. It is not possible to withdraw bitcoins before release date.


is open-sourced, so if you have coding skills you can do it by yourself without website.

Again, always DYOR before you send any crypto to anyone.

This is not financial advice. Please use

with caution.

Bitcoin Wallet by
Bitcoin Wallet by
This post is based on this twitter thread.


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