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Time to Connect One of the Oldest Nounpunks

@CryptoNunks is a lifelong sovereign artist with collections displayed in IRL galleries to some of the earliest NFTs on the BTC and ETH blockchain.


With his current drop of the Nhunk/s "The return of the Noun Punk/s" We revisit one of the oldest Cryptopunk derivatives if not the oldest. The Og NounPunks which was minted before Cryptophunks. The birth of phunkism

Heres a link to some of his original

Delisted collections Galactic Noise Factory's profile

rarible ethereum polygon flow tezos CleanNFT solana immutablex nonfungible digitalasset nft via @rarible

Galactic Noise FactoryGalactic Noise Factory

Now most people in the NFT space would recognize the iconic ⌐◨-◨ NounPunks glasses but many do not know it's origins of the art. Shortly after after minting OG NounPunks they were delisted. Along with 10 other original collections by @CryptoNunks

If you haven't had the opportunity to get to know I suggest you do


is a genuinely kind person who is always looking for ways to help new artist in this space.

Nunks story of provenance in this space is imo important to share. Especially since his Og nounpunks art has been used to create one of

the most successful brands in this space @nounsdao Below is another example of some of his DMCAd work

I want to thank the owner of the first Xnunks @yyolk for being an educator and supporter of sovereign artist. He is the reason I found @CryptoNunks who has become friend and my favorite NFT artist. They are also the reason me finding the @CryptoPhunksV2 community. phunksim

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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