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Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update: 6/16/2016

Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update - 9/16/2022 | A Thread


The market was a bit more stable today after taking two back to back days with big drops. BTC is hovering below 20k while ETH is in the 1.4k-1.5k zone.

1/ Post merge prices saw a big dip and macroeconomic outlook is bearish right now. NFTs saw a decent day with some volume coming in from a couple blue chips. We have seen profit plays popping up all over.

2/ Degen mint of the day: TAMAGOGI

@tamagogi_dapp is a project that saw a lot of hype early today as it brought back Tamagogis, the first virtual pet. As a tribute to the original’s by Bandai, these are on the ETH blockchain and caught attention thanks to the nostalgia of this.

3/ @Tamagogi_dapp reached highs of 0.1+ ETH, however, this came to a halt as the team said they were switching contracts and to not buy off @Opensea There has yet to be a new contract released, but this may gain traction once the Phase 2 Pets mint happens.


@AzukiOfficial and Beanz saw nice pumps today as excitement around an impending announcement caused some fomo with their collections. Azuki jumped from a 6 ETH floor to 10 ETH, seeing over 500 ETH traded on secondary.

5/ @AzukiOfficial is the top anime project in the NFT space and there are lots of big holders in this project, so this announcement has the potential to shake the market when it happens.


@SomethingToken made a pump today after @frey, the founder, made a tweet hinting towards a big announcement. This is under @AmericanaNFT something that caught fire a few months ago with its unique vision of creating a marketplace to sell physical

7/ items as NFTs. The project @SomethingToken has been relatively quiet and dropped to 0.03 ETH, however, currently sits at 0.13 after the @frey pump. Something Token is on my radar for further announcements.


Shorter update today as I am not home and don’t have access to my normal tools. The crypto market has taken a beating recently, however, NFTs have actually been doing really great the past few days.

9/ People are more actively trading and we are seeing more profit potential plays which has been a really great change of pace from the normal dryness we have grown accustomed too. It’s tough to say how long this will last considering macro-economic bearish indicators, so I

10/ am still taking profits aggressively and playing it safe. Thanks for reading and have a great day Kings. Follow for more if you enjoyed and I appreciate you!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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