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People Don’t Want to Be a Genius, They Need to Get Into Bitcoin

I can’t even express how easy it is now to learn things…. We have people who take time to tech us though videos YouTube can be a powerful resource 🤷🏼‍♂️ success btc eth nft wealth Entrepreneur

Here are some users that helped me learn about crypto and Finance


Majority post about crypto news and the market but all around amazing information and great well spoken creator

Max MaherMax Maher

Definitely my favorite Finance YouTuber by far but

Has helped me understand so many easy Fundamentals on how to start saving money and creating Wells one of the best creators and down to earth people out there shows you the good and bad @GrahamStephan

Graham StephanGraham Stephan

Ofc @AltcoinDailyio has to be on the list for all the latest crypto news and updates btc eth

Altcoin DailyAltcoin Daily

These next 2 are the people who honestly made me get into crypto and the stockmarkets

Coin BureauCoin Bureau

Both are amazing creators I could not have started trading or investing without


I don’t know who els but the man who made me wanna start trying to make money online itself been watching him dreaming of creating a business myself becasue of him


Honestly I think he is one that changed A lot of peoples opinions on how old do you have to be a start to make money online he blew a lot of peoples minds that he could develop such high skill processes at such a young age and made us young people feel we can start young.

I think this one just explains itself …. @kevinolearytv

If you don’t look up to this man you don’t want business or to succeed enough t watching shark tank since I grew up made me wanna fight for a business and realized most will fail but it’s how you take failing.

It’s basic brought examples on how to start coding for specific categories but almost anyone nine category you can think of for coding will have a beginning guide on here coding

This is just a very short list of all the Youtubers I can use to help grow my knowledge you really don’t have to be a genius to start advancing your knowledge in the world to finance Motivation btc eth Financial

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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