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Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update – Some Gains

Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update - 9/17/2022 | A Thread 🧵🧵🧵


Crypto saw some slight gains today with a small increase in the market overall. BTC is a little bit above the 20k mark while ETH is around 1.45k. It seems like we have chilled out since the

1/ Merge happened, so now we wait for another catalyst. NFTs saw a pretty good day again with some high sale projects and gains to be made. We have been in a recent period where it has been pretty easy to stack ETH so make sure you are staying active.

2/ Degen/free mint of the day: Skull'edz

@skulledzNFT is a 6666 NFT that saw over 3500 sales today and was able to see some decent movement. This sits at around 0.015 ETH and has gotten consistent volume throughout the day.

3/ @skulledzNFT are pixel art, full body skeletons with a roadmap relative on the success of the project after mint. Considering this is a degen play, however, I would not count on a roadmap but rather play this based on hype and volume.


@PoSers_NFT is a 5k supply collection that saw over 7000 sales on secondary today and absolutely mooned. Sitting at a current floor of 0.17 ETH, this was great profit for traders with the NFT seeing close to 500 ETH traded. Posers claims to be the

5/ first on-chain PoS PFP collection after Ethereum switched to PoW. @PoSers_NFT are pixel art pictures that are technically historical considering they are the first of its kind on POS. These already mooned, but I will be watching this for more volume.


I have convered @ensdomains multiple times, however, considering how they keep pumping and making people profit, I feel like I should cover it again. ENS is basically a way to make your wallet address a customized name such as letters or numbers or

7/ emojis. These have seen huge attention because of their potential to be adopted by people as more Web 2 enters Web 3. @ensdomains is something to watch and try out either by minting your own or flipping plays like digits or short names.


With the market providing lots of opportunities to make some money even in this bear, I advise to still remain true to your values. Do the smart things like setting a price target, not fomo-ing into projects, and cutting your losses and not becoming someone's

9/ exit liquidity. If you are still here in this bear, take this opportunity to learn more about the space and get ready for the next bull. Thanks for reading and have a great day Kings. Follow for more and stay awesome!


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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