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Bitcoin Price: Happy Days Are Here Again

btc Monthly 1. Should be obvious here why 20k has been a magnet, but too obvious of one, the next at 13.7 makes sense to start the dca machine. 2. Shows the potential of 28.6 is completely rational from TA perspective, monthly bearish retest, currently holding level

4hr With month white, daily yellow, 4hr blue Very good reason for support sub 19k. Swing low forming above Good reason to remain bullish for now. Ltf I'm still short until this little pocket resolves

btc the programming for Bart is as I said earlier today but let's do it again on a fresh copy so u see it works 1. Standard manipulation to 19.4 which I ended up shorting upwards like some tard 2. 20038 is important line to hold for any upside

3. 20668 most critical price level. Ma200 and a confluence with a 4hr level (obviously it's the 23 fib on a 25% line lmao) 4. Bear? Only if we get the low of 19.4 region taken. On to 18.4-18.9

I am RN ltf bear unless above 20038

Ultimate swing target 16 for here

Alternatively, if 20038-> 20700 then that's a moon to 22.8-23.

Whatever price wants it gets, I'm current shorty from 20090s and 20029

What would make me flip position something like impulsive

Anyway, now I know numbers, stocks dictate direction have fun gl

If u wanna be more conservative, can use the 27 over the 23 line

Ima get out of the way of this, reposition if needed

950 I'm out

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