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Would a Bitcoin Meme “Proof of delegated stake”?

Since I’m ignorant and don’t know anything about crypto I’m gonna put forward this outrageous idea.

Ok, what if (oh here we go) dogecoin had a “proof of delegated stake” L2 (similar functionality to the btc Lightning ⚡️ network) - Shibes would stake some doge for.. 👇

..fulfillment of ultra fast payments, BUT each validator has to upload one unique meme/cutout each week to stay current. The memes would be compared by an AI to existing ones, duplicates would be rejected. Accepted entries would be added to a global database & anyone would be…👇

..able to download memes/cutouts for a small fee, which together with txn frees would be what validators would earn. This way Dogecoin L1 would be PoW, while doge L2 would be Proof of Stake + Proof of Meme. Those who can’t meme would team up w memers & earn together.

So, who’s gonna roast me now? How stupid is this idea irl?

@mishaboar @inevitable360 @tjstebbing @michilumin @JRossNicoll @BillyM2k @elonmusk @zCryptoAdrian @martiandoge @A_T_O_M_NFT @RichDevX… who else… ? 🤷‍♂️

@martiandoge @mishaboar @inevitable360 @tjstebbing @michilumin @JRossNicoll @BillyM2k @elonmusk @zCryptoAdrian @A_T_O_M_NFT @RichDevX Then I can also upload it, and I’m good t validate txns for the week. If my meme is a copy/paste without anything different on it then it gets rejected and I have to come up with something better.


@martiandoge @mishaboar @inevitable360 @tjstebbing @michilumin @JRossNicoll @BillyM2k @elonmusk @zCryptoAdrian @A_T_O_M_NFT @RichDevX @MyDogeOfficial The nodes would use host computer processing to AI compare memes and make sure they are unique. In the meantime, each node op/validator would be able to override their AI and flag meme entries that violate wherever guidelines we all decide on. 🤷‍♂️

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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