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FOMC FOMC: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple

FOMC decision on Wednesday is critical. Looking at the dollar( DXY ), there's bearish divergence on the weekly which could be indicating a top. Still room to the 112 area which is the 1.618 extension from the previous downtrend.

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Touching the 14 year uptrend again, but managed to close over the 61.8% retrace of the recent move to the 200MA. Can also see this zone was where this zone was bought up previously. 3900 will be the main area of focus, watch to see if it's accepted or rejected

NDX / NQ / QQQ Very similar situation. Needs to reclaim 12,000 again in the same way ES needs to accept 3,900.

Ethereum ETH back into the gap as expected for some time now. Sure did take it's time getting back here though. If it fails the bottom of the gap, watch out it because it won't be pretty.

Bitcoin BTC still very bearish as well, although now performing better than altcoins .

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